The Divine Kiss has been selected for “Poem of the Week”

My poem, “That Sliver of Nothingness” from The Divine Kiss has been selected for the “Poem of the Week” for the Ithaca Poetry Series. POINT (for POetry INTernational) Editions selects a poem every week from poets worldwide to post to their ITHACA series of “Poems of the Week.” Each Poem of the Week is translated into over 24 languages and posted internationally, with thousands of followers. My deepest gratitude to poet, publisher, and translator Germain Droogenbroodt, founder of POINT Editions, for selecting my poem and also to Stanley H. Barkan of Cross-Cultural Communications who introduced my poetry to Germain. 

My poem, as it appeared in English, is posted above. I have also received the Dutch, French, Persian, Japanese, Greek, German, Romanian, Polish, and Chinese translations, which have been posted in those countries. For your interest, I am including the Dutch translation, translated by Germain. 

Germain wrote that my poems fascinated him and reminded him of Rumi. He also wrote that “Both the poem and the painting are fascinating our translators and also the Chinese audience,” Anna, our Chinese promoter reports, “published yesterday, the poem has already been seen by more than 9000 Chinese readers.” And from Poland, from the two translators, “You are right, the poem is beautiful and deep.  We both are interested in the authoress, Carolyn Mary Kleefeld and her very big literary, thinker’s, and artistic output (fine arts, painting, as well). We think we would be happy to make acquaintance with her personally, as well as to translate more of her poetry.” 

Again, all possible gratitude to Germain and Stanley. The international dissemination of this poem is particularly meaningful to me, as it allows people all over the world to feel the power of the eternal love that David Campagna and I shared.