Collage of Musings

The painting featured in this post is titled:
Global Morph, 2020, Acrylics on Board, 24″ x 30″


There is a higher Power or Presence— which some call God, The Tao, or the Divine Presence— and beyond naming it, is infinite and eternal. We need to be in alignment with this Omnipotence as a way of life, and especially during these times of crisis.

The pulse that sings in the sun’s shinning leaf— the glitter of the wind-blown trees streaming through the woodlands is what we can choose to identify with.

The brilliant blue irises are blooming untroubled by mankind’s cycles. Spring reveals its promise in the beauty of her faces, her glory everywhere to behold.

The wind blows on relentlessly, and I attempt to shed the accumulations of my mind in the velocity and rush.

As I swam in the warm lagoon of transparent waters, the heaven’s tears resounded like Haiku bells as the rain danced across the waters.

We have the power to love as a way of life. And to drop negative narratives so we can be in the moment, as that is all we ever have.

Challenge can bring great opportunities for transformation, dropping the ego, and changing awareness, casting away the old programming that doesn’t serve us now.

My choice is to be in alignment with The TAO, to be the uninterrupted instrument of The Divine, as much as is possible.

I have found profound inspiration from Dr. Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle on You Tube.

Much appreciation to Patricia for her most essential collaboration.

And, although not addressed here, we all must be most aware of the essential hygiene requirements during these times. Be safe!