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Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum Nears Completion

Two recent articles about the near completion of the new Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum. 

The Hi Lo Magazine:

The Grunion Gazette: (link and transcription)

By HARRY SALTZGAVER | Grunion Gazette, July 10, 2021

Exterior walls are complete at the construction site for the Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum, on the Cal State Long Beach campus, and the emphasis is moving inside — where state-of-the-art spaces are being created.

Construction began in June 2020 on the $24 million project, which will expand the museum by 4,000 square feet, more than doubling the exhibit space. The project also includes an education program center, archives, and — perhaps most significant — enough secure storage to hold all of the museum’s collections. The $24 million price tag includes renovating the Horn Center, a separate-but-concurrent project.

To accommodate the expansion, said museum spokeswoman Amanda Fruta, the Kleefeld took part of CSULB’s track-and-field area.

“It may be the first time in history that a university athletics program has lost real estate to an art museum,” new Kleefeld Director Paul Baker Prindle said in a written statement.

While state financing is paying for the Horn Center renovation, the funding for the museum construction comes from private donations, Fruta said. The lead gift was from artist Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld. In addition to adding her name to the museum, there will be a separate Kleefeld Gallery inside, with a barrel ceiling, hardwood flooring, and more. Fruta declined to say how much the gift was but noted there were other donations as well.

Construction of the Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum on the CSULB campus is on schedule to open in February 2022. The media was given a sneak peek to the renovation of the existing building and the expansion building in Long Beach on Thursday, July 8, 2021. (Photo by Brittany Murray, Press-Telegram/SCNG)

Pfeiffer Partners Architects took a cue from the nearby Walter Pyramid, using three sharp triangle forms for the expansion’s roof. In a nod to original architect Ed Killingsworth, the expansion maintained the mid-century modern entry façade but added a new, angular vestibule that reaches out — to bring visitors in.

Sustainability and inclusion, Fruta said, were guiding factors in the design. The building will be upgraded to LEED Silver standards and solar panels will help electrify the facility. Prindle and his staff already are working on plans for quiet hours, loud hours, and more to make visitors feel welcome, she added.

“The new LEED Silver Certified Museum is being built to serve the campus as a living laboratory for cultural exploration and a showcase of the campus’s aggressive sustainability commitment,” said CSULB Director of Design and Building Services Mark Zakhour. “Intentional selection of native plants in landscaping, use of sustainable and local building materials, integration of solar panels, energy-efficient design, green cleaning and maintenance plans, and investment in long-lasting learning technologies were key aspects of the build that contributed to the sustainability rating.”

The interior, meanwhile, has been gutted and reconfigured to provide more galleries, workspaces, and the storage vault, which will bring CSULB-owned works in from off-site storage areas all around the South Bay. A new HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system will allow for climate-controlled spaces to protect the art.

The education center will offer state-of-the-art equipment and material that everyone, from youngsters to adults, can use, Fruta said.

“We’ll return with our school field trips,” Fruta said, “where we serve about 1,500 (elementary school) students.

“And we want to make it (the museum) available for all groups who wish to use it,” she added.

Another welcoming component is the lobby, called the Connie Glenn Court in honor of the museum’s founding director. It will have a check-in desk and a small museum store where CSULB College of the Arts alumni can sell sustainable art. The former museum had no lobby at all.

Clark Construction is aiming to turn the buildings over to the university in October, Fruta said. A public opening is scheduled for Feb. 12.

Progress on the new Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum at California State University Long Beach

Pfeiffer Architects writes, “Our latest fine arts project, the Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum at California State University Long Beach nears completion. We are expanding the roughly 11,000-SF museum. Expanded gallery space and a new entry zone will create a stronger interface between the Museum, students and broader community, while improving operational flexibility, museum security, and access to the Museum’s [collection resources], prints and archives. The new Museum Lobby, along with its stronger connections to the outdoor plaza, also provides an array of indoor/outdoor opportunities for art exhibition and Museum events. Completion is scheduled for early 2022.” 

Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum building rendering showing a nighttime view of the plaza, new entryway and newly expanded gallery spaces from the exterior.
Courtesy Pfeiffer Architects.

Renovations Underway at the New Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum

Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum is undergoing a massive renovation. When the Museum reopens (expected in February 2022), the California State University at Long Beach campus will see the art space double in size and — thanks to the generosity of the museum’s namesake — be augmented by a collection of her art, endowed funds for scholarships, internships, visiting scholars, and lectures exploring interdisciplinary topics, and operating expenses.

Click here for more information.

Collage of Musings

The painting featured in this post is titled:
Global Morph, 2020, Acrylics on Board, 24″ x 30″


There is a higher Power or Presence— which some call God, The Tao, or the Divine Presence— and beyond naming it, is infinite and eternal. We need to be in alignment with this Omnipotence as a way of life, and especially during these times of crisis.

The pulse that sings in the sun’s shinning leaf— the glitter of the wind-blown trees streaming through the woodlands is what we can choose to identify with.

The brilliant blue irises are blooming untroubled by mankind’s cycles. Spring reveals its promise in the beauty of her faces, her glory everywhere to behold.

The wind blows on relentlessly, and I attempt to shed the accumulations of my mind in the velocity and rush.

As I swam in the warm lagoon of transparent waters, the heaven’s tears resounded like Haiku bells as the rain danced across the waters.

We have the power to love as a way of life. And to drop negative narratives so we can be in the moment, as that is all we ever have.

Challenge can bring great opportunities for transformation, dropping the ego, and changing awareness, casting away the old programming that doesn’t serve us now.

My choice is to be in alignment with The TAO, to be the uninterrupted instrument of The Divine, as much as is possible.

I have found profound inspiration from Dr. Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle on You Tube.

Much appreciation to Patricia for her most essential collaboration.

And, although not addressed here, we all must be most aware of the essential hygiene requirements during these times. Be safe!

The Divine Kiss has been selected for “Poem of the Week”

My poem, “That Sliver of Nothingness” from The Divine Kiss has been selected for the “Poem of the Week” for the Ithaca Poetry Series. POINT (for POetry INTernational) Editions selects a poem every week from poets worldwide to post to their ITHACA series of “Poems of the Week.” Each Poem of the Week is translated into over 24 languages and posted internationally, with thousands of followers. My deepest gratitude to poet, publisher, and translator Germain Droogenbroodt, founder of POINT Editions, for selecting my poem and also to Stanley H. Barkan of Cross-Cultural Communications who introduced my poetry to Germain. 

My poem, as it appeared in English, is posted above. I have also received the Dutch, French, Persian, Japanese, Greek, German, Romanian, Polish, and Chinese translations, which have been posted in those countries. For your interest, I am including the Dutch translation, translated by Germain. 

Germain wrote that my poems fascinated him and reminded him of Rumi. He also wrote that “Both the poem and the painting are fascinating our translators and also the Chinese audience,” Anna, our Chinese promoter reports, “published yesterday, the poem has already been seen by more than 9000 Chinese readers.” And from Poland, from the two translators, “You are right, the poem is beautiful and deep.  We both are interested in the authoress, Carolyn Mary Kleefeld and her very big literary, thinker’s, and artistic output (fine arts, painting, as well). We think we would be happy to make acquaintance with her personally, as well as to translate more of her poetry.” 

Again, all possible gratitude to Germain and Stanley. The international dissemination of this poem is particularly meaningful to me, as it allows people all over the world to feel the power of the eternal love that David Campagna and I shared.

Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum

California State University Long Beach has accepted 80 of my paintings and 90 of my drawings into their permanent collection. This collection, as well as my literary works, which include my published books, my journals, and manuscripts dedicated to the muses in my life, will be permanently archived in the university art museum. The museum is now named the Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum. The museum will be undergoing a renovation, which will include a gallery to exhibit my art, a David Campagna Print and Drawing Room, and my donation will endow scholarships for the College of the Arts, a multi-disciplinary lecture series, and cutting-edge programming at the museum.

For me, a profound circle has magically manifested. When my parents, S. Mark and Amelia Taper, came with my family to this country from England, we first stayed for six months at the Biltmore Hotel in Long Beach, and later my father began building his extensive housing for veterans in that area. So, now for my life’s work to be part of the Long Beach community is a destiny fulfilled.

In commenting on my gift, University president Jane Conoley stated, “Our entire campus community, as well as our surrounding communities and the art world at-large will benefit as a result of Ms. Kleefeld’s extraordinary generosity and foresight. Her impact on California art has been nothing short of remarkable and we are delighted that the art museum will be part of her lasting legacy, as well as provide us with the opportunity to showcase her inspirational work and that of other notable artists.”

“Our goal at the University Art Museum is to promote a nuanced interpretation of museum exhibitions and collections and provide an opportunity for students and the public to deepen their understanding of the complex role art plays in culture,” College of the Arts Dean Cyrus Parker-Jeannette said. “Ms. Kleefeld’s exemplary gift provides us with the ability to exceed that goal. It will allow us to highlight her career and impact, better share the work of extraordinary artists, and expose our communities to important and powerful works.”

“As I reflect on the impact of this gift, I am struck by this anonymous quote, ‘When courage, genius and generosity hold hands, all things are possible,’ Ms. Parker-Jeanette said. “The generosity of Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld’s gift, both of her art and financial support provided, is a game changer for our museum. It is transformational for the future and spirit of our exhibits and will inevitably deepen the experience for our students, faculty, community and scholars who visit.”

As I express in my artist statement, ultimately art is an innocent interactive mirror of my innermost process, whisking me out of time into the Timeless. My life’s passion is to create art from this unconditioned well of being and to inspire such a journey in others. Thus, to have my art and writing in an institution of higher education is a dream being realized, and my aspiration is for the students and visitors to the university to embark on their own journeys of inner discovery and creative expression, learning from my own experiential explorations.

Carolyn’s “Priestess of Dawn” featured in new book “Slants of Light.”

Carolyn’s “Priestess of Dawn” is featured in new book Slants of LightSlants of Light is published by my dear friend and publisher, Stanley H. Barkan of Cross-Cultural Communications, and can be purchased on Amazon, Small Press Distribution, and through Cross-Cultural Communications (

Carolyn’s art graces the cover of “Common Ground”

Common Ground magazine recently did a review and an entire spread on the just-released book Women of Visionary Art, published by Inner Traditions, and chose my painting, “Priestess of Dawn,” included in the book, for the cover.

Women of Visionary Art is an exploration of the role that dreaming, psychedelic experiences, and mystical visions play in visionary art and includes discussions with 18 well-known female artists, including, in addition to me, Josephine Wall, Allyson Grey, Amanda Sage, Martina Hoffmann, and Penny Slinger. The discussions reveal how the artists have all been inspired by deep inner experiences and seek to express non-ordinary visions of reality, reminiscent of spiritually transcendent experiences. Women shows how visionary art often contains an abundance of feminine energy, helping us to heal ourselves and see that we are all connected. Fifteen of my images appear in the book. 

The Divine Kiss goes international

The Divine Kiss by Big Sur artist and poet Carolyn Mary Kleefeld is an intimate book of paintings and poetry inspired by her beloved, David Campagna. It was published in 2014 to commemorate Carolyn’s exhibits of art and poetry at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum and Library in Santa Barbara, CA in 2013 and Shreveport, Louisiana in 2014.

The original edition was co-published by The Seventh Quarry Press and Cross-Cultural Communications. Since then, it has been translated into several languages, including Japanese by Coal Sack Publishing Co in Japan in conjunction with Cross Cultural Publications who published a bilingual English/Japanese edition in 2017.

A trilingual Sicilian/English/Italian edition of The Divine Kiss was published by Legas Publishing in association with Cross-Cultural Communications in 2018.

Also in 2018 an English/Greek edition was published by Libros Libertad in Canada and Cross-Cultural Communications.

In 2019 an English/Persian edition from Mehri Publication of London will be co-published with Cross-Cultural Communications. It is translated by Sepideh Zamani.

Such is the power of their love story, expressed through poetry and images–sensual, rich, and universal.

David Campagna, Carolyn’s beloved who inspired these poems and works of art, was of Italian ancestry, and Japan was a favorite country of his. Greece was a country of precious memories for both Carolyn and David, so these translations carry a special significance.

Endorsements and Accolades from around the World: 

She seeks to transcend her peculiar time and place to become one with all the creatures of the earth and to synchronize her emotions with the rhythm of the stars. . . . (Her) images seem to emerge out of unfathomable depths (and) convey through a combination of colors and shapes deep emotions that can be understood in their raw power at a visceral, semiconscious level, which is basically what great art does: it connects with the unspoken and unspeakable in the secret language of the species. 

– Professor Emeritus, editor and publisher Gatena Cipolla who wrote the foreword for the trilingual Sicilian/English/Italian edition of The Divine Kiss.

It is on steady ground that one stands when approaching Carolyn’s poems . . . At other times, one is elevated higher and into the stratosphere by her diaphanous stanzas enriched with her unrelenting clarity and diamond-like sparkles. . . . Carolyn’s powerful poetry (and) imagery (have) touched this reviewer-translator in an unprecedented way, and for this I’ve approached these poems with a certain awe and subdued reverence. . . . 

– Cretan-Canadian poet, publisher, and author Manolis Aligizakis (from his Introduction for the English/Greek edition of The Divine Kiss).

. . . Acts of “love” are expressed in these poems on a cosmic scale, and when the acts of love are sung in the sublimated condition where nothing but “We” exist, we think of the poems of the mystic poet of the 16th century Spain, San Juan de la Cruz who sang of the divine love, and of some of the love poems by Rabindranath Tagore. 

– Shigeru Shimizu, poet and professor Emeritus at Waseda University in Japan, who wrote the foreword for the English/Japanese edition of The Divine Kiss.

The Divine Kiss in Italy

My Sicilian translator of the trilingual Sicilian/English/Italian edition of The Divine Kiss, Marco Scalabrino, submitted the book to Dialectal Voices, a nationally distributed magazine in Italy, who gave an entire page to this edition, as you see here. The text in Italian is translated as “I am pleased to announce the publication, in New York, of the trilingual edition by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld’s The Divine Kiss, with Italian translation by Gaetano Cipolla and in the Sicilian language by Marco Scalabrino. I sincerely thank the author Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, the curator of the work Patricia Holt, as well as the two US co-publishers Gaetano Cipolla for LEGAS and Stanley H. Barkan for Cross-Cultural Communications, for getting me involved in this prestigious international project.” 

An exhibit of sculptures by Edmund Kara and poems and drawings by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

“The Fire in the Wood”  An exhibit of sculptures by Edmund Kara & poems and drawings by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, which are included in the drama, “The Fire in the Wood” by Peter Thabit Jones.

Friday, May 18 was a festive opening at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts, with my reading of two poems and excerpts from a prose piece, all inspired by Edmund. David Wayne Dunn, cherished friend, and artist, photographer, poet, and musician, accompanied me. The exhibit is in conjunction with the drama, “The Fire in the Wood,” which is about the life and inspiration of the late and iconic sculptor, Edmund Kara, with his life also as archetype for the creative process. The exhibit runs through June 16, 2018. The drama had its west coast premier at the Henry Miller Library on May 19 and will show at the Carl Cherry Center the first 2 weekends in June. I encourage you to attend both the exhibit and the drama!

A creative multi-media evening and opening of the art exhibit of 10 Big Sur artists

Please join me for a creative, multi-media evening and opening of the art exhibit of 10 Big Sur artists, on Saturday, July 22 from 7—10PM at Move Studios, 600 Franklin Street in Monterey. Three of my paintings, including “Tree Mantra” are included in the show. The evening will include a dynamic spectrum of world dance choreography, feature-artist talk, live music, performance art, poetry, and the art exhibition.

You can learn more by clicking here.

Carolyn Reads Her Poetry and Exhibits Her Art at the Grand Opening of the Henry Miller Library

Carolyn was one of three featured poets at the grand opening of the Henry Miller Library at the Barnyard in Carmel. She read a selection of her poetry accompanied by musician and songwriter, Martin Shears, her longtime accompanist. Three of Carolyn’s paintings are exhibited in the Library and her books are available. The opening of the Carmel branch of the Library is due to the road closure of Highway 1 and the resulting inaccessibility of the Big Sur Henry Miller Library. Please enjoy the vibrant art, literature, and history at this new location.

Carolyn’s Poetry and Paintings in The Art of the Story

An excerpt from the Curator’s Statement: The Art of the Story brings together four artists who have taken on the role of narrator in telling stories through their artwork . . . The artwork tells stories of their family histories, stories of other cultures, about art and healing, love, life and nature . . . Carolyn Mary Kleefeld’s work is about the spiritual meaning of life and through a combination of art and poetry she weaves her stories. Each of her works of art is paired with one of her poems. Carolyn is as comfortable in front of an easel which she sets up overlooking the Pacific Ocean from her home in Big Sur, as she is writing and publishing poems. She comes by way of telling stories naturally as a poet, writer and artist. For the exhibition, works were selected from her Lovers and Nature series.

– Georgia Freedman-Harvey, Curator, Platt/Borstein Galleries

Carolyn’s poetry at World Poetry Canada’s International Peace and Human Rights Exhibition

World Poetry Canada is hosting another International Peace and Human Rights Exhibition at the Irving K Barber Learning Centre at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver from Feb 3–March 30. I will be giving you more information on this inspired event organized by my friend and colleague Ariadne Sawyer, President of World Poetry Reading Series Society, as the time draws closer. But for now, Ariadne has posted this link of some of the video feed which will be part of the exhibit. This feed includes my reading my poem, “Bursting With Secrets,” as well as including many other readings and videos relating to peace from poets and artists around the world, and many from troubled regions such as the Middle East. Bravo to Ariadne and World Poetry Canada for giving voice to many oppressed people and for doing so much to promote peace in our deeply troubled world.

Click Here for more information and to see the videos!

Bilingual Broadside Editions

Carolyn’s art and poetry are included in a new Bilingual Broadside Series created by Stanley Barkan of Cross-Cultural Communications. Four of Carolyn’s poems and paintings appear together in each of four of the Broadsides and her art is paired with the poetry of Isaac Gutemberg and William Heyen in two other Broadsides. These Broadsides make a lovely gift and can be purchased framed for $20 each. Carolyn will sign them if requested.

Click Here for more Information!

To order, please call Patricia: 831-667-2433
or click here to Email Patricia.

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld’s work archived in New York and California

Museum Archive – Museum of Modern Art, New York
The Museum of Modern Art in New York has expanded their archive of Carolyn’s work, accepting her books which include her artwork, and book reviews, press releases, newspaper and magazine articles, etc from 1991 with her solo exhibit at Gallerie Illuminati in Santa Monica, California up through the present. Students and other patrons will have continuing access to Carolyn’s work for their research and studies.

Library Archive – Monterey Public Library, Monterey, California
The Monterey Public Library has accepted the archive of Carolyn’s work in the California History Room of the Monterey Public Library at 625 Pacific Street in Monterey. All Carolyn’s books are catalogued there, as well as book reviews, press releases, newspaper and magazine articles, etc from 1979 when her first book, “Climates of the Mind” was published, up through the present. Students and other patrons will have access to Carolyn’s work for their research and studies.

Ventana Artists Showcase

You’re Cordially Invited to the Ventana Artists Showcase!
Book signing by Carolyn Kleefeld.
Saturday, June 13th, 2015 – 11am-6pm
Place: Ventana Gallery, Sculpture Garden and Ventana Restaurant
48123 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA  Ventana Gallery

A one-day Art exhibition featuring 20 of the most important California Central Coast Artists. Join us for a day in Big Sur full of Art, nature, music, delicious food and wine. On Saturday June 13th, twenty of our Artists will reveal and make available for the first time a new compilation of their most recent artworks.

The Ventana Artist Showcase day will exhibit more than two hundred works of Art by some of the most important California Central Coast Artists that will also be on site to meet, greet and talk with all our guests. Artist Erin Gafill will give a live-painting demonstration; Carolyn Kleefeld will do a book signing and more! We’ll also have the presence of Scheid Vineyards offering tastings from 12pm-3pm.

The exhibition areas will be the Sculpture Garden outside the Gallery and the Gallery Annex. This is also a free event open to the public.

Readings from “Vagabond Dawns” now available for downloading

My reading of poems from Vagabond Dawns, accompanied by Barry and Shelley Phillips. Downloads available on:  iTunes – GooglePlay – Spotify – Amazon

Vagabond-Dawns-thumbnailThe Audio CD is included in the Book.
Buy the book at: AmazonBarnes & NobleAd Infinitum

“Whispers of Spring” Solo Exhibition – Café Stravaganza

Whispers of Spring Solo Exhibition
Café Stravaganza
The Crossroads 241 Crossroads Blvd, Carmel, California
December 15, 2014—May 31, 2015

This exhibit features 20 pieces of Carolyn’s art, ranging from her earlier cosmic abstracts to her figurative and later landscape abstracts.

Awaken, Reality Sandwich, World Pulse & Indiewire Articles on A Retrospective for Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

Award-winning artist, poet, & writer Carolyn Mary Kleefeld celebrates her life’s work & rarely-exhibited paintings with a Retrospective Show in Big Sur. Read Article on | Read Article on | Read Article on

Oscar winning cinematographer Vilmos Zigmond features Carolyn Mary Kleefed in his documentary about the natural wonder and creative residents of Big Sur, California. Read Article on

“Thirty Years of Abstract Visions” Solo Exhibition

Opening reception December 5, 2014, 5–8 PM
Show runs from December 5, 2014–January 31, 2015
The Gallery at the Ventana Inn and Spa / 48123 Highway One / Big Sur, California

On December 5, 2014 from 5pm–8pm the Art Gallery at Ventana will feature 20 pieces from Carolyn’s Private Collection for the first time in over 20 years. Most of these artworks are just now becoming available for acquisition.

This is a retrospective show of abstract paintings that will also be a celebration for Carolyn’s life-long career and achievements.

As part of the opening event, Carolyn will read from her latest book, The Divine Kiss, sign books from among her many publications, and share her creative passion and vision with the guests.

Display of painting “The Evocation of Dylan Thomas”

Display of painting The Evocation of Dylan Thomas
Autumn 2014 into 2015
National Waterfront Museum / Swansea, Wales

Carolyn’s painting The Evocation of Dylan Thomas will be displayed in a glass cabinet at the museum. This presentation is part of the Dylan Thomas Centenary and will include other Dylan Thomas materials, such as the Dylan Thomas Trail of Quotations arranged by Welsh poet and publisher Peter Thabit Jones.

“The Divine Kiss” publication

The Divine Kiss publication
June 2014
Karpeles Manuscript Museum and Library / 21 W. Anapamu St / Santa Barbara, CA

This exhibit catalog of the show at the Santa Barbara and the Shreveport Karpeles Manuscript Museum and Library contains the 15 paintings and 15 poems that were exhibited. It is a full-color hardbound edition and is in honor of David Campagna.

“The Divine Kiss” Solo Exhibition

The Divine Kiss Solo Exhibition
May 18–June 28, 2014
Karpeles Manuscript Museum and Library / 3201 Centenary Blvd / Shreveport, LA 71104

Carolyn’s 2013 exhibit at the Karpeles in Santa Barbara of fifteen paintings and corresponding poems in honor of David Campagna travels to the museum in Shreveport.

“Expo 33” Exhibition

Expo 33 Exhibition
April 1–26, 2014
BJ Spoke Gallery / 299 Main St / Huntington, NY 11743

Carolyn’s paintings The Divine Kiss, Erotic Rendezvous, and Pagan Lovers are part of this prestigious Long Island gallery exhibit.

27th Annual Women’s Works Show

27th Annual Women’s Works Show
March 3–April 27, 2014
Old Court House Arts Center / 101 N. Johnson Street / Woodstock, Il

Carolyn’s painting, Molecular Mystery was exhibited at this juried show.

Online Oracle launched based on “The Alchemy of Possibility”

Online Oracle launched based on The Alchemy of Possibility
January 3, 2014
Go to

As so many people have mentioned the insights they have gained using The Alchemy of Possibility as an oracle by asking a question and opening the book randomly to receive guidance, we decided to translate this experience to the cyber world. Simply go to, ask a question, and have the Oracle respond. Carolyn thinks of this as a “soul oracle,” speaking from and to the soul.

In addition to the Oracle, you will find suggestions for its use, an instructive article on the Science of Divination by the site designer and Eastern philosophy devotee, Rasa, and links to related sites, as well as some of the introductory words from “Alchemy.” May you have many inspiring and insightful moments with the Alchemy Oracle!

“The Divine Kiss” Solo Exhibition 2013

The Divine Kiss Solo Exhibition
October 3 through November 30, 2013
Karpeles Library and Museum / 21 W. Anapamu St / Santa Barbara, CA

This exhibit of fifteen paintings and poetry of love is in honor of Carolyn’s muse, David Campagna.

The Karpeles Library and Museum is the world’s largest private holding of original documents and manuscripts, encompassing literature, science, history, music, and art. The museum also exhibits art as part of its mission to create an aesthetic, educational environment.

Radio Interview, World Poetry Cafe

Radio Interview, World Poetry Cafe
Tuesday, October 1, 2013 from 9:10–10pm
In the archive at

The World Poetry Cafe poetry association is based in Canada and built upon respect, honor, support, peace and love for all through the power of the arts and education.

Publication of Romanian Edition of “Vagabond Dawns”

Publication of Romanian Edition of Vagabond Dawns
Summer 2013
Cluj, Romania

Carolyn’s 10th book, Vagabond Dawns has been published in a bi-lingual Romanian/English edition by renowned Romanian publisher and poet Mircea Petean of Editura Limes in Cluj, Romania. Translation is by heralded Romanian translator, Dr. Olimpia Iacob. The book is being distributed to the National Library of Bucharest, and to professors, poets, university libraries and other literary outlets.

Featured Author at Book Gala

Featured Author at Book Gala
Saturday, April 20, 2013, 7:30pm
The Last Bookstore / 453 Spring Street / Los Angeles, CA

Carolyn was one of the featured authors at this gala affair as part of the LA Times Festival of Books. The party was sponsored by Rare Bird Literary Group, and literary magazines Granta, Book Forum, ZYZZYVA, Slake, and LA Review of Books.

Book Signing for “Psyche of Mirrors: A Promenade of Portraits”

Book Signing for Psyche of Mirrors: A Promenade of Portraits
Saturday, April 20, 2013, 4:00pm
University of Southern California / Los Angeles, CA

LA Times Festival of Books Booth for Rare Bird Literary Group. Carolyn signed copies of her books and conversed with all attendees in an informal question and answer session.