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Many of Carolyn’s works are available for purchase. To arrange a viewing or to obtain a price list, please CONTACT Patricia at 831-667-2433 or email: info@carolynmarykleefeld.com

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An overall view of the Ventana Gallery in Big Sur
during the opening reception for my December 5 - January 31 solo exhibition

My dear friends and colleagues Patricia Holt and Laura Zabrowski
presenting an orchid expressing my gratitude to Alfonso Corona,
the Ventana Gallery director/curator, at the opening reception for my exhibit,
with Martin Shears playing his music in the background

My dear friend Chungliang Al Huang in the center,
with two of his friends at the opening reception
for my exhibit at the Ventana Gallery.
My painting, "Shakti" is to the left.

My dear friend John Dotson reading from my book, "The Divine Kiss,"
at the opening reception at the Ventana Gallery, with Martin Shears
accompanying and my paintings "The Egyptian Space Goddess"
and "Cerulean Shorelines" in the background.

Reading at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur

Easy Riders, me and David Campagna

Proprietor of Cafe Stravaganza,
Harry Khani, with a selection of
my paintings at the exhibit in his Cafe

Proprietor Harry Khani with my paintings at the exhibit at Cafe Stravaganza

Easy Riders Go Global

Painting at my home in Big Sur

My paintings "Martian Woodland" and "Witness of the Space Aquarium"
at the exhibit at Cafe Stravaganza

The Italian/Sicilian/English and the Japanese/English translations
of "Soul Seeds" and "The Divine Kiss" at the
opening reception at the Ventana Gallery

My painting "Sublime Haven" at the Ventana Gallery exhibit

On the Road

Standing in front of  the iconic bookstore in Paris

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Monarch Code1990mixed media on canvas72

Monarch Code
mixed media on canvas
72″ x 40″

Uncorrupted Mystery1990mixed media on canvas40

Uncorrupted Mystery
mixed media on canvas
40″ x 72″

Jungle of the Burnt Womb2009acrylics on canvas60

Jungle of the Burnt Womb
acrylics on canvas
60″ x 72″

Dionysian Splendor1990acrylics and gouache on board48

Dionysian Splendor
acrylics and gouache on board
48″ x 72″

Dimensional Horizons1989acrylics and ink on board40

Dimensional Horizons
acrylics and ink on board
40″ x 28″