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Many of Carolyn’s works are available for purchase. To arrange a viewing or to obtain a price list, please CONTACT Patricia at 831-667-2433 or email: info@carolynmarykleefeld.com

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  • “The Fire in the Wood”  An exhibit of sculptures by Edmund Kara... Read more →

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An exhibit of sculptures by Edmund Kara and poems and drawings by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

"The Fire in the Wood"  An exhibit of sculptures by Edmund Kara…

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Monarch Code1990mixed media on canvas72

Monarch Code
mixed media on canvas
72″ x 40″

Uncorrupted Mystery1990mixed media on canvas40

Uncorrupted Mystery
mixed media on canvas
40″ x 72″

Jungle of the Burnt Womb2009acrylics on canvas60

Jungle of the Burnt Womb
acrylics on canvas
60″ x 72″

Dionysian Splendor1990acrylics and gouache on board48

Dionysian Splendor
acrylics and gouache on board
48″ x 72″

Dimensional Horizons1989acrylics and ink on board40

Dimensional Horizons
acrylics and ink on board
40″ x 28″