The poetry and prose in this list are a selection from Carolyn’s favorites and will change every few months.

The Silence Breathing

The sun is too hot
for our knowing.

When night falls,
a new freedom is released—
in the silence breathing,
in a jealousy emitted
by the cold, distant stars.

The moon, too indifferent
to care about the garden’s thirst,
simply shines and moves on.

Our wretched human drive
is weary of itself—
only finding relief from
its crowded freeways when lost.

Dawn shrugs from a sense of duty
like a sleazy harlot, unrecognized.
With mystery and craftiness,
she takes the form of twilight,
reborn in the blue robes of Eve—
calm, collected, and impenetrable.

From Psyche of Mirrors: A Promenade of Portraits