Climates of the Mind

Poetry and philosophical aphorisms in a “tour de force of the human spirit.”

Climates of the Mind provokes the reader to explore in prose and free verse the primal journey into the mysteries and underlying dynamics of evolvement and transformation, the inherent truths in nature and alchemy, and the conflicts confronting the individual in his/her essential battles for a personal destiny versus the destiny of humankind. It is a most evocative collection of philosophical aphorisms, defenseless self-revelations and inspiring poetry.

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld 
Foreword by Carl A. Faber, PhD 
Hardbound limited signed and numbered edition, printed by letterpress 
Softbound edition 
240 pages (8 x 10”) 
The Horse and Bird Press 
Los Angeles, California, 1979, 1980, 1985, 1990 (4 printings) 
2010 through iuniverse


…In a time of spiritual decadence, still another poet has injured us with the visions of possibility. Here is a rare wedding of poetic prose, philosophy, and psychological awareness without the wooden self-consciousness of most psychological writing…. A human document, it touches the deepest places.
…Informs and potentially heals its readers by communicating with love, a sense of what underlies the particulars of their lives…. This book will live.

From the Foreword
Ms. Kleefeld is a latter-day Spinoza born on the poetry scene, and in a time of spiritual decadence such as this one, she’s most welcome.

In Climates of the Mind, Kleefeld takes the reader on a journey which can result in a spiritual, emotional and intellectual rebirth.

Climates of the Mind explores the problems of being in the world with a courage that is found only in the boldest writers. Kleefeld’s power lies in her ability to be totally involved with the mood of the moment, to be so completely focused on her subject so as to make it tangible, sensual. Her self-portraits are beguiling and treacherous. Hers is a siren’s song woven from all women’s deepest emotions, from all humanity’s terrible love of life with all its essential loneliness and creative madness.

A collection of poems and prose which deals with profound issues of human emotions and destiny…. Influenced by such great writers as C.G. Jung, Herman Hesse and Anais Nin, Kleefeld probes the recesses of man’s consciousness normally left untouched. Her writing is freely expressed and unabashed, a psychological study of the deepest felt feelings.