Kissing Darkness: Love Poems and Art

A lover’s dialogue in poetry and art.

In the tradition of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, Kissing Darkness chronicles a dialogue of sensual, spiritual, and profound poetry between Carolyn Mary Kleefeld and David Wayne Dunn over a five-year period. Their poems express a longing for ecstatic union, with each other, with nature, and with the divine. Their dialogue creates a dance, an interplay of personal experience, and a surrender to the greater mystery. With a reverence for the wilderness they inhabit, Carolyn and David both rejoice in the glory, and yield to the death and re-birth cycles which inspire the evolution of souls.

Co-authored by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld and David Wayne Dunn 
Foreword by Elliot Ruchowitz-Roberts 
24 chapters 
94 pages (6 x 9”) 
8 color images 
RiverWood Books 
Ashland, Oregon, 2003


Revealing the divine Eros, the untamable power of love, Kissing Darkness is a perfect gift for all romantics… of all ages.

In tune with the rhythm of the Tao, Carolyn and David’s poetry reflects the greatest human re-discovery since the Fire and the Wheel —harnessing the power of love. Being a hopelessly proud romantic myself, I rejoice with and applaud this treasure of a book.

In these times when romantic love is often cramped by analysis and power struggle, it is refreshing to find two voices calling from the fathomless passion that renders the mind, while exalting the soul. The resulting tone of these poems is both ancient and intimate, drawing us down into the erotic chaos from which all life flows.

The poems in Kissing Darkness lead us to the heart of love. Mysteries unfold and open us to unexplored territories beyond the narrow channels of daily life. Through the window of words, we glimpse all that love can be.