Satan Sleeps With The Holy

A poetic vision from the deepest recesses of the psyche, proclaiming the power of the human soul.

Satan Sleeps with the Holy probes such universal concerns as the nature of truth, passivity, ignorance, tyranny, love, integrity, courage…. In so doing, this book symbolizes and communicates the eternal struggle of the living spirit against forces of death, and affirms the power and the resulting potential for spiritual triumph inherent in the individual.

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld 
110 pages (7 x 10”) 
The Horse and Bird Press 
Los Angeles, California, 1982


Carolyn Kleefeld expresses a celebration and deep articulation of the sources of Spirit and Transformation…Her poetic vision joins Jung’s theoretical formulations to give more sense of the life and dynamics of Spirit…We experience the acute description of beauty and vulnerability in its eternal struggle with Evil, Unconsciousness, and Passivity…There is clear understanding and incitement to the highest battles of integrity and growth.

Ms. Kleefeld’s poetry churns up a dazzling array of tucked-away emotions. Individually, selectively, they each become orienting jewel-lights of perception. Some poems are as powerful as a crashing wave and as haunting as a sunless ocean floor; others are full of ripe, voluptuous, unabashed passion heat; others still are rich with righteous anger. Carolyn is a gifted poet who deserves wide recognition.

Consistent in her brilliance and veracity, here is another gem from the fathomless mind of a precious soul, relentless in her probing into virtually every area of perennial human concern. Deep and meaningful.

The power of Carolyn Kleefeld’s poetic vision reaches the deepest recesses of the psyche. In her new book, art, philosophy, and unique spiritual insight combine to convey a deep lesson about life.

Carolyn Kleefeld’s commitment in making clear and memorable her exploration of spiritual and metaphysical abstractions is the meat of her poetic practice. Her internal landscapes are vibrant with introspective speculation, paradoxical illumination and healing meditation. I greatly admire and respect her handling of both timeless problems and unfashionable quests of the mind. She is obviously a poet we should treasure.

This verse, powerful and deeply moving, is reflective of a penetrating philosophical mind that sees things as they really are to the eye of the Spirit. The metaphorical imagery is astonishingly vivid, rising straight from a psychic depth as it does, making Truth visibly manifest.