Soul Seeds: Revelations and Drawings

An inspirational book of philosophical insights, accompanied by a series of intuitively imaginative illustrations.

These “revelations,” typically one to three sentences in length, are organized by psychological and spiritual themes, such as “The Eternal Moment” and “Surfing the Cycles of Change.” The power of these soul seeds is in their brevity and poetry, so readers can peruse the book as they wish, rather than necessarily reading it cover to cover. Thirteen pen and black ink drawings complement the “revelations.”

The intent of the book is to provide a shift in perspective that awakens and liberates the spirit on a deeper level than when the mind is trapped in the limits of the mundane. Laura Archera Huxley, the late wife of Aldous Huxley, wrote in her Foreword, “If you apply almost any one of these ‘soul seeds,’ you will have a deep awakening.… Soul Seeds offers psychological and emotional guidance…clothed in all kinds of magnificent color and worldly expression…. These psycho-spiritual meditations…may bring about a transformation greater than many hours of therapy.”

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld 
Foreword by Laura Archera Huxley 
24 chapters 
92 pages (6 x 9”) 
14 black pen-and-ink drawings 
Cross-Cultural Communications, Merrick, New York, 2008


Over the years I have eagerly anticipated Ms. Kleefeld’s inspiring books—such as Climates of the Mind, Satan Sleeps with the Holy, and The Alchemy of Possibility, to name a few. So naturally I was excited to hear of her latest release, Soul Seeds: Revelations & Drawings, a collection of philosophical aphorisms, typically one to three sentences in length, that delve deeply into the human condition and the nature of reality.

As with her earlier work, The Alchemy of Possibility, Soul Seeds is an experiential guide to self-discovery, with the opportunity for many ‘aha’ moments. Like a modern-day Blake, Ms. Kleefled is able to convey profound psychological and universal truths with remarkable poetic elegance. Like the Tarot or the I Ching, it can be used as an interactive, oracular tool, by posing a question, then opening the book at random to see what fresh insight may be gained from a particular “soul seed.” I regularly refer to this enchanted volume for spiritual guidance and inspiration. It often provides me with the exact nugget of deep truth that I need to hear in the moment.

Soul Seeds also contains 13 wonderfully whimsical drawings by Ms. Kleefeld that add a visual dimension to her sayings. Sometimes when I open the book at random with a question, my eyes first land on one of these enigmatic drawings, which carry as much potential for inspiration as her carefully sculpted words. This symbiotic combination of philosophy and art carries the potential to evoke breakthroughs in perception and understanding. As the late Laura Archera Huxley, author of This Timeless Moment, wrote in her foreword to Soul Seeds, “these psycho-spiritual meditations may bring about a transformation greater than many hours of therapy.

Soul Seeds will appeal to anyone interested in personal transformation, self-exploration and creative inspiration. The intent of this book is to provide an evolutionary shift in perspective that awakens and frees the spirit when the mind is stuck in culturally-conditioned ways of thinking. Soul Seeds is more than just a portal into higher dimensions; it is also a wise friend who assists us in cultivating a sense of integration as we explore our inner worlds.

I highly recommend this inspiring book, from which a chapter was recently nominated for The Pushcart Prize. Keep Soul Seeds by your bedside, carry it with you wherever you go, and consult it whenever you feel confused about life or curious about the timeless truths that lie beyond the veil. It will open you to infinite possibility and graciously guide you to the celestial secrets awaiting within.

Reading the soul seeds from Carolyn Mary Kleefeld’s latest book gives me the joy of opening, portal after portal, to the deeply intuitive wisdom of the Tao Mystery described by Lao Tzu in the first verse of Tao Te Ching. These [are] simple yet profoundly beautiful vignettes of intuitive thought patterns.

Local connection: Carolyn Mary Kleefeld grew up in Southern California and studied art and philosophy at U.C.L.A. Her innovative writing and artwork have been used for over a quarter of a century in the fields of human consciousness and creativity.

The Big Sur resident has written four collections of poetry and last year the Weisman Museum of Art at Pepperdine University exhibited a retrospective of Kleefeld’s paintings and drawings.

Content: The inspirational collection of philosophical insights is accompanied by a series of imaginative pen and ink drawings exploring a number of themes.

The intent of the book is to provide a shift in perspective that awakens and frees the spirit when the mind is stuck in culturally conditioned way of thinking. The power of these insights is in their brevity. One can read it from cover to cover or just flip open the book to discover a fresh insight.
In the book’s foreword, the late Laura Huxley, wife of Aldous Huxley, writes, “Reader beware! Not only are you reading richly imagined poetry, but if you apply almost any one of these ‘soul seeds,’ you will have a deep awakening. Choose the one to which you respond, and see what happens.”

The material in the volume is presented in 24 sub-headings with titles such as “The Way of the Lover,” “The Eternal Moment,” “Suspended Clarity,” and “Dimensional Perspectives.” Complementing the brief verse and aphorisms are fourteen drawings which are sprinkled throughout the book.

From “Random Musing”: “I poked a tiny orange crab that matched the surrounding kelp, / and watching it play dead like creatures do, / mused about how often we play dead / in our own peculiar fashions.”
Audience: Nominated for the 2008 Pushcart Prize last year, Soul Seeds may well provide a few transformational “aha” moments for those who peruse it and reflect on the poet’s musings. Reminiscent of some of Pablo Picasso’s work, Kleefeld’s art gives the reader more to ponder as he reads and meditates on the book’s contents.

The underlying unity of our universe is portrayed by Carolyn so poetically. Her deep experiences and wisdom come alive in Soul Seeds. Our turbulent world needs her message of oneness more than ever.