The Alchemy of Possibility: Reinventing Your Personal Mythology

A rich tapestry of philosophical prose, poetry, and visionary paintings, with quotes from the I Ching and the Tarot; can serve as an oracle.

Alchemy is at once a universal handbook for creative growth and an intimate record of one artist’s passionate journey to the edges of perception. It is possessed of a chant-like quality, and like a chant, its subtle powers gather by accretion to a final message that is both transcendent and ultimately useful. Each chapter is introduced with an original full-color painting paired with text and poetry; each group is further keyed into an I Ching hexagram or tarot card. These multiple forms provide the basis for an interactive reading, inviting you into a remapping of your own journey. The book moves through themes that are practical such as “Leadership,” to more inspirational matters such as “Fanning Our Unique Flame.” Not since Blake and Chagall has an individual successfully combined multi-media forms into an evocative integrated whole. What Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones did for the craft of creative writing, The Alchemy of Possibility does for the process of creative work in general. For every working artist, and for every person who wants to live artfully, Alchemy is a work of living inspiration. It promises to take a unique place in the spiritual libraries of seekers everywhere.

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld 
Foreword by Laura Archera Huxley 
Tarot and/or I Ching head each of the 56 chapters. 
258 pages (8 x 10”) 
58 color images 
Merrill-West Publishing 
Carmel, California, 1998 
Second printing, 2013


By assuming the posture of a storyteller and philosopher, [Kleefeld] serenades the anima, following its traverse through life’s more esoteric passages. In the book, the complete Kleefeld is let loose, revealing a psychic umbilical chord that runs through primal waters, ultimately connecting all aspects of her work to the epic records of human yearning.

Kleefeld has not just written a book; it is a work of art. The same creative spontaneity that paints and sings fills the pages of this simple, intensely intimate collection of truth and possibilities. I have returned to this book frequently as a guide to simplicity, a reference for my soul, and an inspiration for life’s changes.

This book is filled with deep spiritual insights and provocative, poignant images that express the artist and author’s love of the mysteries of nature and the soul, showing their deepest longings and most profound beliefs… it can offer the reader an inner-active and interactive meditation revealing the deeper psyche, redefining personal values, enhancing intuition, increasing spontaneity and improving receptivity.

This multimedia, multidimensional book is truly interactive…[it] can literally become a kind of intelligence that one can enter into dialogue with…at once funny and profound, witty and wise, it may change the way you see the world.

A most inspiring book that allows the reader to fly with unlimited wings.

The Alchemy of Possibility is a revealing glimpse into the world view of an individual who is a talented poet and artist. The interactive nature of the book enables the reader to navigate through the dimensions charted by Ms. Kleefeld. Her cosmic portrait is a unique and original combination of wisdom that is old and yet new, delightful and yet profound, a personal testament and yet universal in ways that represent the yearnings of humanity.

Modeled after the Chinese Book of Changes, part lyric, part divinatory, it invites encounter, points out paths and encourages the reader to plug his or her antennas into the flow.

A wonderful mature amalgam of esthetic intent. Congratulations!

Skillfully weaving a rich tapestry of visionary paintings, poetry and philosophical reflections, Carolyn Kleefeld has been able to translate deep spiritual insights into wise guidelines for a rewarding strategy of existence and right livelihood.

A personal, oracular voice singing the rich harmony of dancing neurons, re-animating lost horizons of mythic identity and the complex world of inner/outer connectivity. In words of delightful chaos—Viva Carolyn!

An enchanting and seductively labyrinthine fusion of Tarot and I Ching, The Alchemy of Possibility ties East and West together with a Batesonian knot.

The masterful paintings express the artist’s deepest longings and the vivid imagery of her inner world…. Her love for nature’s endless mystery irradiates her words.


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