The Divine Kiss


The Divine Kiss expresses in imagery and poetry the sacred merging of love into the realm of the Beloved, manifesting and celebrating the divine.

An exhibit catalog of Carolyn’s shows, inspired by David Campagna, at the Santa Barbara and the Shreveport Karpeles Manuscript Museum and Library, the book includes 15 full-color images and 15 poems, each of which resonates with the corresponding painting.

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld 
Foreword by Dr. David Deterra 
Introduction by Jai Italiander 
48 pages (7 x 11”) 
15 full-color images 
Cross-Cultural Communications 
Merrick, New York 
and The Seventh Quarry Press 
Swansea, Wales, 2014


The Divine Kiss is a loving, passionate, and highly original work that inspires and evokes the lover in all of us. Here, Rumi elopes with Chagall in a dance of color, compassion, and sensuality. Carolyn Kleefeld’s authentic, intelligent, and transcendent poetry takes us on a divine journey into the heart of love. Painting and poetry mirror one another, then merge together. Each poem is a multi-layered metaphor, borne of Eros, matured through Agape. The paintings dazzle, warm, and invite, making love with the prose.

Wildly enchanting, deeply moving, vulnerable yet powerful, we are caressed and transformed by The Divine Kiss. It is indeed the “kiss of a lifetime,” “milk for the soul”—a “sheer magic” that “silently possesses” us. This is a stunning piece of work.

To enter Carolyn Kleefeld’s “aura artistica” is to recapture the rapture of creation. To see the world through her eyes, her art, and her poetry sanctifies the marriage of Life and Love. The moment explodes with kisses. Passionate kisses. Silent kisses. Gypsy kisses. Exotic kisses. I am spellbound by a tapestry of kisses.

Contemplating her longing for Unity, my dormant impulses are awakened. An intense desire for Beauty and the ecstatic joy of discovery reverberate with this woman and with her art. It is said that “she who longs the most, lives the longest”. Carolyn Kleefeld will live forever.

Romance, poetry, color, and passion! As I look into the world portrayed by Carolyn Kleefeld’s paintings and poetry, I catch a glimmer of another dimension, one of magic, inspiration, and bliss. Beyond the veil of everyday reality, a magical realm is revealed where lovers sing, dance, and make love in the presence of passion and beauty. In this place of reverie, we feel reconnected to the divine lover within us and the beauty of a world seen through a true romantic poet’s heart and eyes. It is a unique inner vision of a truly creative, passionate, and liberated soul.

Carolyn Kleefeld’s magical art and poetry exhibit currently at the Karpeles Museum in Santa Barbara, CA is such a powerful and wondrous expression of the majesty of the Human Experience. Her clear and incisive poetry, juxtaposed with her amazing and vibrant paintings, speak to the heart, mind, and spirit of the viewers/readers in such a way as to expand their recognition of their own inherent beauty. It is a feat and experience not easily done and Carolyn’s manifestations do it with such amazing grace and ease. Anyone who has the opportunity to feel/see Carolyn’s exhibit at the Karpeles will be richly rewarded.

Seeing Carolyn Kleefeld’s paintings and reading the accompanying poetry intrigues the imagination. Innovative use of color and form surprise the viewer. Lovers depicted, often in colors of Byzantine splendor, dazzle with eroticism. Beyond the erotic, however, an original kind of freedom of form and playful abandon bring the lovers to life. What Kleefeld accomplishes vibrantly on canvas is a real testament to her determination to engage intuition in order to come closer to her truth.

Carolyn Kleefeld is a painter and poet whose work illustrates her innermost thoughts and feelings. Her romantic figuratives and poetic images embody the fabric of her life. Imbued with seemingly contrasting forces, her art expresses both opposing energies and complementary equalities: solidity and fluidity, organic masculine and feminine, yin and yang.

Beautifully rendered erotic symbolism makes her work uniquely healing. The art conveys a sense of whimsy, spontaneity, and the sheer enjoyment of shape and color. With so much light and motion, Carolyn’s paintings are incredibly intriguing. The cryptic nature of the artwork entices viewers to discover their own interpretations.

The library/museum environment at the Karpeles was perfect for this select group of paintings and corresponding poems as it truly allowed visitors the space to fully study and contemplate each special work of art and poetry.

Painting is a kind of mute poetry and poetry a speaking picture. While painting can be appreciated for its silent being, it reaches for the addition of words, as words desire the visual sense. Gazing at the art then reading the poetry is so inspiring; I find myself transported to a completely different world.

Carolyn’s “medium” is her unique visual language, visual eloquence. That is the Hallmark of this amazing artist.

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld’s art show at the Karples in Santa Barbara was inspiring. Her work is as magical and mystical as her spirit. I feel blessed to have experienced such fantastical creativity and depth of character! Both her art and poetry gently whisked me into its own world, which I didn’t want to leave.