Vagabond Dawns

A lyrical celebration of love, nature and spiritual transformation. Includes a CD of Carolyn reciting her poetry, accompanied by musicians Barry and Shelley Phillips.

This collection contains one hundred poems, written over a period from 1989 to 2008. The poems address a broad range of universal themes, such as human nature, the cycles of life, love, and intimacy, spiritual transformation, and a pantheistic relationship to the natural world. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2009.

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld 
Foreword by David Wayne Dunn 
140 pages (6 x 9″) 
One color image 
Cross-Cultural Communications 
Merrick, New York, 2009


I continue to be amazed by the immense creative power and prodigious talent Carolyn Mary Kleefeld has shown over the years in multiple dimensions. Vagabond Dawns is a book to be treasured and savored with all our sensory perceptions fully engaged, to experience the mystery of being blissfully alive.

Exquisitely constructed, elegantly encoded, and divinely inspired, Vagabond Dawns is Carolyn Mary Kleefeld’s most exciting and inspiring poetry collection to date. I read these treasured verses, these timeless truths and vivid flights of the imagination, over and over. Ms. Kleefeld’s powerfully evocative verses have become my cherished companions, echoing the whispers of Nature and illuminating the path toward spiritual transcendence. Ms. Kleefeld has a rare gift for being able to express the ineffable, to masterfully use language to say what can’t be said with words. She is a supreme alchemist, supernaturally spinning together secret magic spells and lost archetypal wisdom, which have the potential to lead readers toward profound insights into themselves, the human condition, and the world.

Carolyn Kleefeld’s poems remind us of our common humanity, with all of its triumphs, tragedies, passions, and paradoxes. These evocative verses that stimulate and warm your heart, will also nurture your soul.

Carolyn Kleefeld’s paintings often evoke in me the moods that poems usually elicit – an uncanny sense of mystery, a mysterious nostalgia, a surprising feeling of undiscovered beauty. But when I read Carolyn’s poems, so full of images and metaphors, it feels like I am visualizing visionary paintings: Black stars sprout, a withering cocoon is discarded, the present is ephemeral foam, and leopard polka dots dance across a marzipan moon! Thank you, Carolyn, for enriching our imagination.