The Divine Kiss goes international

The Divine Kiss by Big Sur artist and poet Carolyn Mary Kleefeld is an intimate book of paintings and poetry inspired by her beloved, David Campagna. It was published in 2014 to commemorate Carolyn’s exhibits of art and poetry at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum and Library in Santa Barbara, CA in 2013 and Shreveport, Louisiana in 2014.

The original edition was co-published by The Seventh Quarry Press and Cross-Cultural Communications. Since then, it has been translated into several languages, including Japanese by Coal Sack Publishing Co in Japan in conjunction with Cross Cultural Publications who published a bilingual English/Japanese edition in 2017.

A trilingual Sicilian/English/Italian edition of The Divine Kiss was published by Legas Publishing in association with Cross-Cultural Communications in 2018.

Also in 2018 an English/Greek edition was published by Libros Libertad in Canada and Cross-Cultural Communications.

In 2019 an English/Persian edition from Mehri Publication of London will be co-published with Cross-Cultural Communications. It is translated by Sepideh Zamani.

Such is the power of their love story, expressed through poetry and images–sensual, rich, and universal.

David Campagna, Carolyn’s beloved who inspired these poems and works of art, was of Italian ancestry, and Japan was a favorite country of his. Greece was a country of precious memories for both Carolyn and David, so these translations carry a special significance.

Endorsements and Accolades from around the World: 

She seeks to transcend her peculiar time and place to become one with all the creatures of the earth and to synchronize her emotions with the rhythm of the stars. . . . (Her) images seem to emerge out of unfathomable depths (and) convey through a combination of colors and shapes deep emotions that can be understood in their raw power at a visceral, semiconscious level, which is basically what great art does: it connects with the unspoken and unspeakable in the secret language of the species. 

– Professor Emeritus, editor and publisher Gatena Cipolla who wrote the foreword for the trilingual Sicilian/English/Italian edition of The Divine Kiss.

It is on steady ground that one stands when approaching Carolyn’s poems . . . At other times, one is elevated higher and into the stratosphere by her diaphanous stanzas enriched with her unrelenting clarity and diamond-like sparkles. . . . Carolyn’s powerful poetry (and) imagery (have) touched this reviewer-translator in an unprecedented way, and for this I’ve approached these poems with a certain awe and subdued reverence. . . . 

– Cretan-Canadian poet, publisher, and author Manolis Aligizakis (from his Introduction for the English/Greek edition of The Divine Kiss).

. . . Acts of “love” are expressed in these poems on a cosmic scale, and when the acts of love are sung in the sublimated condition where nothing but “We” exist, we think of the poems of the mystic poet of the 16th century Spain, San Juan de la Cruz who sang of the divine love, and of some of the love poems by Rabindranath Tagore. 

– Shigeru Shimizu, poet and professor Emeritus at Waseda University in Japan, who wrote the foreword for the English/Japanese edition of The Divine Kiss.