Big Sur’s Carolyn Mary Kleefeld Expands Catalog of Poetry and Art with Vagabond Dawns

May 16, 2013 | Press

Big Sur poet and artist Carolyn Mary Kleefeld can often be found on the cliffs of Big Sur reading poetry to a resident condor.

“Art is where I gamble,” she says. “It’s Taoistic and intuitive.”

Cosmically, the gamble is paying off. Already a Big Sur icon, her international profile as a literary and artistic force continues to grow with the recent publication of her 10th book of poetry, Vagabond Dawns, the adoption of her work into the curriculum of a Welsh university, and a new series of Romanian translations.

Vagabond Dawns is a 100-poem volume filled with work that spans the last 20 years of Kleefeld’s creative life. The poems address a broad range of universal themes, such as human nature, the cycles of life, love and intimacy, spiritual transformation and a pantheistic relationship to the natural world.

“The themes of my poems are in continual flux, as my living is,” Kleefeld says. “Over time I think I have become more involved with the music and rhythm of poetry and the lyrical aspect of my poems has become more developed.”


Original Article from Monterey County Weekly by Ryan Masters

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