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Introducing the ALCHEMY ORACLE

The Alchemy of Possibility, the book on which the Alchemy Oracle is based, provides an inner-active meditation, revealing the deeper psyche. The book has 56 chapters, each commencing with a symbolic image, one of Carolyn’s paintings, introducing the theme of the chapter. These images are the visuals for the Oracle. Carolyn’s book is the entry point for the interactive virtual Oracle, which you can utilize as described below.

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld | Consulting the Oracle

When you click the Start button on the Oracle site, chapter images will move kaleidoscopically, then when you feel inspired that the answer is available — click the Oracle button, and the chapter with your answer will be revealed.

In addition to the chapter text, you will notice a hexagram from the I Ching, and/or a specific Tarot card, as well as a poem that corresponds to the theme of the chapter. All of these elements are presented, which you can peruse as a whole, contemplate the image alone, or focus on whichever part of the chapter draws you in, letting the forces that intuited you to choose a particular chapter guide you further.

In any given moment we can open to a magical resonance, celebrating the richness of our inner dimensions—using the Alchemy Oracle as a tool to allow the Mystery to guide us. Reveal the wilderness of your inner soul by visiting the Oracle.


When our perceptions change, we see things differently. And when we see things differently, we evolve.

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