World Poetry Cafe Radio Interview — Immortal Seeds: Bearing Gold from the Abyss

Dec 16, 2021 | News & Events

Carolyn was interviewed by Ariadne Sawyer about her book, Immortal Seeds: Bearing Gold from the Abyss, co-published by Cross-Cultural Communications and The Seventh Quarry Press.

The World Poetry Cafe Radio Show is in its 22nd year at Coop Radio, 100.6 FM and airs every Thursday afternoon from 1-2 pm. Its mission is to bring the people of the world together in thoughts, deeds, and action to help heal our world. The show has around 10,000 participants worldwide and the largest FB group, World Poetry Canada & International.

As author and inspirational speaker Michael Meade says in his comment on the back cover of the book, “Immortal Seeds is a remarkable book, a passionate weaving together of poems and paintings that in turn reveal the intimate union and spiritual path shared by two loving souls. When tragedy enters the path, the alchemy of love transports the lovers from rapture and bliss to sorrow and loss. And we must follow as the search for deeper dimensions of compassion and grace becomes the way forward.

Immortal Seeds: Bearing Gold from the Abyss is available now for sale.


Original Recording from World Poetry Cafe, 100.6 FM by Ariadne Sawyer

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