Philanthropist Carolyn Mary Kleefeld Initiates the CAJA Ukrainian Support Fund

Aug 5, 2022 | Press

The photo (above) shows a large group and not sure how they came across an American flag, but this symbolizes the joint effort of the Fund. Emelia and Jarek are in the center, back row.

In the past few weeks, Carolyn’s treasured friend Jack Robinson and Carolyn created the CAJA Ukrainian Support Fund, which will provide monthly vouchers for food and needed supplies to 78 Ukrainian individuals and families in Poland. Jack traveled to Poland 3 months ago and has been valiantly volunteering to help distribute food to the refugees, making friends with many, and meeting other heroes helping with the refugees. Through these efforts, he realized how much help such a voucher program would be and identified, along with his Polish colleagues, Emelia and Jarek, the recipients who could most benefit. Together Carolyn and Jack established this Fund, and Jack last week distributed the first vouchers.

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld – CAJA Ukrainian Support Fund

Left: Emelia (white shirt and sunglasses), with each person holding one of the vouchers. Right: A group of women recipients, including Inna (blue shirt), only 20 years old and in Poland alone from Kiev, continuing her pre-law studies online, while cleaning houses and volunteering during this time.

Carolyn is humbled and honored to be able to make a difference for people in need during this time of humanitarian crisis.

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