Stanley Barkan, messages Carolyn about her “Immortal Seeds”

Apr 9, 2022 | Press

Stanley H. Barkan is the publisher of Cross-Cultural Communications and the editor of the Cross-Cultural Review Series of World Literature and Art, that has, to date, produced some 400 titles in 57 different languages. His own poetry has been translated into 25 different languages, and he is the author of 18 original poetry collections, several of which are bilingual. He has assisted with the publication of many of Carolyn’s books in a variety of languages.

Stanley, Carolyn’s publisher, left her a message on her answering machine, which she loved and wanted to share with her friends and public. “My beloved friend and publisher Stanley Barkan left me this most sacred and meaningful message after reading my latest book, Immortal Seeds, said Carolyn.

Dear Carolyn, this is Stanley. I just reread, very carefully, page by page, five pages at a time, Immortal Seeds. I’m sitting here thinking of you and David on a skiff sailing in the clouds of the seventh heaven where the ancient gods still drink their nectar, eat their ambrosia and offer you, waiting for you to come where Orpheus will play his lyre and you will sing your poetry and David will lie there listening with joy. So, Carolyn, you have touched me deeply in my deep heart’s core, to quote Yeats, and I am very proud and humble to be your publisher. Love you. Bye.

This photo of Stanley was taken by Bebe Barkan, his wife, as he is reading during a Walking Tour of Dylan Thomas event.

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